Web Design / Application Development

Portsmouth, Virginia, United States · NMC-P · R


The Web Designer /Applications Development will be responsible for creating user-friendly web based software applications and homepage management for MHS. The position requires 6 years’ experience in general IT engineering support of which one year of experience must be in the software engineering field.

Secret clearance, preferred.


Attach downloadable applications and videos utilizing minimum bandwidth on network infrastructure

Create and administer survey applications with live feedback to the end user

Constantly review appearance and structure of all pages to ensure professional appearance and efficient content accessibility

Coordinate with the Staff Education & Training Department to develop training via the Internet/Intranet infrastructure

Design new processes utilizing web-based products

Design, develop, and apply organization-wide information models for use in designing and building integrated systems, shared software, and database management systems

Design and develop logical business improvement opportunities consistent with corporate Information Systems

Develop and articulate the overall focus and concept for the Command’s home page, in keeping with Command priorities and objectives

Develop, research, lay-out, write/edit new sections/features for the home page

Develop tools for team members to enable similar future application development

Ensure that all webmaster mail receives timely responses

Fine tune current home page based on feedback from users and monthly statistics

Identify trends or items that could be of interest to department/program contacts or departmental web authors

Incorporate database applications utilizing SQL and scripting within HTML to create user-friendly web based software applications

Incorporate and publish reports as needed on NMCP Internet and Intranet utilizing web technology as directed

Manage guiding principles, cost savings, and open system architecture objectives

Meet with various NMCP department staff to assist with the design of their department home page, address and resolve technical problems, and discuss new directions and technology

Monitor chats and webmaster mail to identify topics that might be fitting for new sections of the home page

Monitor home page information, including links, to ensure they remain timely and accurate

Monitor various command department web pages to ensure that they fall under current regulations and flow with the overall design

Proof/edit new sections of the home page

Provide documentation and usage instructions to end-users and team members

Responsible for system analysis, application, and overall web design techniques for Internet or Intranet development and distribution to remote sites using various technologies to include the following:

-Hypertext Makeup Language (HTML)

-Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

-Active Server Pages (ASP)

-Common Gateway Interface (CGI)

Review current workflow with end-users

Review requests from webmasters to link to their sites

Review existing practices; design and develop web-based products to aid in improved productivity.

Search and review links for new categories

Stay relevant of web development tools, technique, and design trends

Suggest web-based products to improve productivity

Other Duties as Required


High School Diploma


EMW, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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